Led by improvising vocalist/composer Mingjia (MING-jee-yah) Chen, the Tortoise Orchestra is a Toronto-based 13-piece chamber ensemble that marries courageous songwriting with curious, colorful orchestration & improvisation. Featuring members of beloved Canadian bands such as Autobahn, Bloom, SonuSkapos Jazz Orchestra, We Are All, the Lifers, etc., TortOrch aspires to bring more happy-sadness to you & the world.

With the release of their shiny new debut EP—“Feel Seen”—TortOrch has crafted a glittery-mesh of sound unlike any other in classical, jazz & pop, all the while still tenderly poking at the soft fleshy parts of your heart with humor, candor & some serious attention to detail. 

The ensemble will be performing the EP as well as other new works on Aug 23 at Heliconian Hall to promote its release.



    • mingjiamusic@outlook.com